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27/07/2009 20:31:06
JE MGB 1950cc piston set. To suit 3.287" / 83.50mm bore. Supplied complete with rings , pins and clips. Compression height is 1.670, this allows for a .010-.015" clean-up cut on the block with a 'zero' deck clearance condition. The top ring placement is low enough to allow for .325" deep valve notches. Both these modifications improve performance and reliability. [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL] [IMG][/IMG] £495 per set. I can also get JE pistons in other bore sizes, starting from standard MGB 80.25mm going up in .25mm increments. If you want any additional information please give me a call on 07890 549228 or come and see me at any MGoT day. Thanks Joe
02/10/2010 08:58:05
I still have 3 sets of the 83.5mm (1950cc) pistons available and I really need to sell them to fund other MGB projects. So if anyone out there is interested make me an offer. You can contact me on 07766 801067, PM me or email me [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Thanks Joe
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