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22/06/2009 23:19:00
I've had to send my driving license off to the local police department, don't ask, and I'm starting to get concerned that it might not be returned by the Track Day. Just to confirm, if i can't supply my license on the day then i won't be able to attend the track day. Correct?
23/06/2009 02:12:35
Don't worry too much. In the event that you don't have your licence back then it's possible to validate your details with the DVLA by telephone, it's a bit of a faff but it means you won' miss out. I recall that it costs about a fiver which is charged to your phone bill (Someone else might be along in a mo with a more accurate cost). Regards Tim
23/06/2009 07:21:22
Martin C
[quote=GForce2010]Just to confirm, if i can't supply my license on the day then i won't be able to attend the track day. Correct?[/quote] As Tim said a phone call on the morning will cure that and allow you out. It is not the ideal thing but a way around genuine problems like this. I wasn't aware there was a charge, but if there is you'll have to bear it if you want to play. We will have the number with us on the day so you can contact them, then when your through the person signing you in just verifies your details with them. That is always assuming the officers of the law don't decide they'd like to keep your licence from you :eek:
23/06/2009 08:19:36
When I went to Brands last December as a spectator I deliberately left my licence at home so I could not get a drive ... Dave L talked me into driving and the MSV sign on guy phoned DVLA and in 10 minutes it was sorted ....FOR FREE .. The phone call that is ...Not the drive ....
23/06/2009 09:11:19
Tim Guy
Its a premium rate number set up for such enquiries, so the owner of the phone pays. At MGoT run check-in, we normally ask people to call DVLA on their own mobile and then pass it to us.
01/07/2009 17:43:41
Well got it back today so no problem :)
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