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22/06/2009 20:31:29
I've just put four tyres up on ebay - please see item number 320386839299 Let me know if anyone here is interested. Thanks, Dave
22/06/2009 21:14:35
Tim Guy
[SIZE=3][FONT=Arial][quote]these tyres will not fit under the wheelarches of a standard MGF[/quote] Oh, you tease Dave ;) Would have been just what I was looking for. [/FONT][/SIZE]
23/06/2009 22:08:20
have a price in mind mate?
24/06/2009 07:05:54
[quote=WhiteKnight]have a price in mind mate?[/quote]Hi Graeme, I don't really have a price in mind. I guess they're worth whatever someone is prepared to pay - hence the auction :) You can email me at [email][/email]. Regards, Dave