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22/12/2008 16:07:29
Gareth Evans
Looking for a used, braked trailer suitable for carrying a Rover coupe then my MGTF when I get it. Have been on bay but most adverts seem to be highly dodgy (only used once, off course it has mate) happy to pay the going rate but would rather buy from a MGOT member. If anybody is selling send me a link to their advert, or send me details. Gareth
22/12/2008 20:00:50
I doubt you will get a trailer off of an MGoT member Gareth. Most drive their cars to the circuit and therefore probably don't own a trailer. I trailer my car to all track days and races, but if I was just doing track days then I would have a car that can be used on the road as well as the track. IMO trailers are poor value for money and you will need to pay 1k plus to get a good one. Then you have to maintain it, which is easy, and tow it at 60mph, which is boring! However, if you do really want to tow your track day car the best places I have seen trailers for sale are pistonheads, ebay and motorsportads. Joe
22/12/2008 20:03:44
When I bought my trailer I trawled through the more respectable website of racing series and bookatrack. In the end I got one through the latter. Having had a quick look there is a nice twin axle trailer for sale in Birmingham... [URL=""][/URL] regards Tim
23/12/2008 13:50:46
Sorry, I've just sold my Brian James Clubman trailer.
07/02/2009 16:49:43
Gareth Evans
Thanks for advise, went the keeping car road legal and driving there route. Didnt quite realise what a decent trailer costs. Just got taxed and insured for the coming year.
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