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14/10/2008 15:36:02
Peter Hall
Thanks from us for a great day. It was a very enjoyable track and I hope to get back there. An explanation to our early departure; I was quite surprised to be the member of the family who spun out, it's normally Matt, the junior driver. Our damage was not terminal, the near side brake piston has welded itself to the brake pad.??? The other pad on that side is fine, the welded one as you can imagine is bare metal. The offside pads are\both OK as well. It looks like we will be moving from the green stuff pads to the full blown racer ones. Sorry to those of you who were still on the track when we fell off, but at least it was near the end of the session. We hope to get it back on the road next weekend and be ready for Brands Hatch. All the best from the Hall family.
15/10/2008 18:22:49
Just as a pointer on the brake pad front you may wish to consider Mintex pads, these come in several flavours but 1144's are a very good pad and better still if used with grooved discs, for bias you may want a harder pad on the front in which case up the fronts to 1166's (or if you can find them the superb 1177's). Tim
20/10/2008 16:00:11
:eek: "Junior driver":eek: Cheers dad at least I've not made the car catch fire!! Yet!!:D Heres some pics of the damage: [COLOR=#000000] [IMG][/IMG] [COLOR=black]Notice how close the top of the brake pads are together, And you can see how far the piston has extended.[/COLOR] Closer inspection shows this: [IMG][/IMG] Check whats left of the pad and look how distorted it is. And you can also see where it caught fire. I don't know what they have in those fire extinguishers but it stinks! Finally: [IMG][/IMG] Removing the [COLOR=black]brake [/COLOR]pad the piston from the caliper came with it!! It is welded on.[/COLOR] I've seen some Mintex 1166's on the net which I think are going to be a good investment and might keep my dad out of the gravel! Matt