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04/09/2008 18:23:05
I have for sale an alloy race radiator out of my race MGF. As some of you may know, my car was involved in an RTA in February. The insurance company have agreed to pay for a replacement radiator as the one in the car was damage by the trailer's jockey wheel. I believe that the radiator holds water, but some of the fins have been crushed. The mountings at the top and bottom were also twisted. The radiator is approximately twice the width of a standard radiator, and is a direct replacement for it. The replacement radiator cost over £400! Offers?
24/09/2008 18:18:33
Now on [URL=""]eBay[/URL].
24/09/2008 21:15:28
Rob Bell
Might be interested Ralph, for Project Shed. Are we sure that the rad will hold water?
25/09/2008 18:36:09
The car still had water in it when it was taken off the trailer and there was no sign of any leakage under the car at any point. Damage to the core seems to be limited to the fins. I drove the car in its damage state into the workshop, prior to it being collected for repair. I'm not sure how I could pressure test it - I'll see if I can rig something up.
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