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25/07/2007 19:40:53
Steve Hill
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01/08/2007 06:24:47
I hope you guys have a great day today.. The MGOT weather angel looks down and smiles once again:D Lets us know your experiences and how the day goes Stu;)
02/08/2007 18:45:10
Tom Savage
[b]Cadwell Park.[/b] Cadwell was fantastic, if a little tricky circuit. Once you get to know it though, it's surprisingly quick. A high speed off at gooseneck made me calm down and treat the track with the respect it deserves. Cadwell is well recommended if it pops up again on the MGOT list.:p
02/08/2007 19:45:42
Glad you had a great day... If I wasn't going to France on Saturday in the F I would have been there.. If you fancy putting a few paragraphs down on paper for the site we'll be greatful.... also anyone take any piccies ? Stu:)
02/08/2007 20:37:33
Tom Savage
[b]Cadwell.[/b] Hello again Stu. Yeah, I've already been purloined by Dave to do a few words for 'Safety Fast'. Should have some good pics too. I'll try to send it all to Dave for when he gets back from his hols. By the way, if the young guy called Richard with the K series Midget reads this could you please drop me a line to let me know your surname and I hope your car is ok. :( . Ta ta.
10/08/2007 19:49:06
[b]cadwell[/b] Got to agree cadwell was an excellent day. Great track and I also hope it pops up again and we get more MG's there. Like to say thanks to Trevor for the great pictures. I will post my photos when i remember how to do it.:) :)