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01/05/2004 14:16:10
Your road going insurance policy may not cover you for a track day. Please check with your insurance company and emphasise that track days are non-competitive and no racing or timing is allowed. Some companies will cover you, for a small additional premium (£25-£50), although they will typically increase the damage excess for the day (say £1000). If you choose to insure your car for road use through our sponsors; [B]Heritage Insurance[/B], their policy can include free unlimited track day cover for MGoT members. If you wish to insure on track and intend to do a number of events during the year, this is an economical solution. Please see details on our [URL=""]Heritage web page[/URL] and follow the link at the bottom. So, what do people do if their insurance company won’t insure them? An increasing number of specialist companies have developed policies to suit. You can buy as much cover as you feel is sensible, just for the day. If you are not insured, then clearly you take the risk that you will have to pay for anything that happens. A majority of people are happy to take this risk. It isn't quite as bad as it sounds, since driving around a track is actually a [B]great deal safer than driving on the road[/B]. No oncoming traffic, no junctions or distractions etc. The etiquette and rules of track days are well laid out and policed by marshals. Anyone not obeying our overtaking by consent rules, driving discourteously or dangerously will be black flagged and taken off the track. The objective of 'MGs on Track' is for the majority of our events to be exclusive to MGs, and to group participants according to car performance and driver ability. This means the variation in track speed is minimised, and with it the risk. .