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01/05/2004 14:11:02
Typically, track days are organised into one of two formats: sessions or open-pitlanes. In both cases, only a limited number of cars are allowed on the track at any given time. This is to avoid excessive traffic. In a [B]sessioned[/B] track day, all the participants are divided into 3 or 4 large groups - so usually you'll be with people with similar performance vehicles and with similar levels of experience. Each group will go out, one by one for a 'session', usually between 15 and 30 mins, and then you'll all return to the pits together. Then the next group will go out. This is a good, sociable format, as it allows everyone in the same session to get together and compare driving notes! The majority of MGs on Track days are sessioned. If we have the full circuit throughout the day, we will arrange members into groups according to driver and car ability. In this way we aim that all cars are lapping at similar speeds, keeping the track clear and minimising the need for overtaking. An [B]open-pit lane[/B] has no sessions. You can go out when ever you like, and stay out for as long as you like. The marshals will only allow a certain number of cars on the track at any given time, so you may have to queue to get back onto the track. This format is good fun - but remember, the longer you stay out on the track, the hotter your tyres will get, the more wear your brakes will receive and the more of a roasting your engine will get - so don't plan to spend the [I]whole[/I] day out on track - there's no 'in-flight re-fuelling'!