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15/12/2006 18:44:11
Well today I finally got to drive a track I've been trying to get on in a few years now and it was even better than i expected it to be! Paddock hill bend is spectacular..As the day progressed i slowly increased the speed into this blind corner, and I'm sure if i clenched my cheeks a bit harder i could carry more speed through the apex but thats for another day, (February I hope work permitting);) And the weather gods were kind to us too:D the rain stayed away Nice to catch up with everyone, Tim I hope your coolant loss isn't too terminal Cheers all and MERRY XMAS Stu:p
16/12/2006 09:04:57
[QUOTE=Stu]Tim I hope your coolant loss isn't too terminal Stu:p[/QUOTE] Should be able to fix it with some Gaffer Tape and some garden twine....! But what a fantastic day, even with my 'issues' it didn't dampen my enjoyment of the day, and many many thanks to new member Mark who kindly let me drive his car for a session, brave man!. I hope you got back to Manchester OK. Roll on Feb.... Tim
16/12/2006 09:16:17
[quote=Stu]Well today I finally got to drive a track I've been trying to get on in a few years now and it was even better than i expected it to be! [/quote] Tis true - Brands Indy is just so much fun; you can never tire of it - despite it's size. Maybe even because of it's size. You get so many laps that you get to master the bends quicker than on many longer circuits. And the weather was perfect - lot's of cold air for power and the grip was awesome. It's all down to our weather Angel of course, but sometimes days in Winter can be better than in Summer! Our four beginners seemed to get on well. I'm sorry if I didn't manage to speak to all of you about the day, but where I did you seemed to enjoy it :) I hope that's tempted a lot of people to come to Brands on February 3rd. It's a Saturday, so a bit more expensive, but we've got 40 places - more than we've ever had on a Brands day before! Merry Xmas to everyone at MGoT
17/12/2006 10:15:06
[b]Brands[/b] Hi,what a great day, the track was fantastic the rain stayed away and i did'nt bend the car.Many thanks for my instructor session much needed.I hope that i did'nt get in the way to often.Now got to look at my brakes cos' now they don't stop very well Just glad they kept working for PADDOCK HILL Cheers and a happy xmas to all
17/12/2006 11:55:13
Look at some Mintex Pads, they are just superb. 1144's are a good starting point but I must say the harder 1177's are the real deal on track. If you're still looking for a MGTF I know that one of the guys who work at Brands is selling 51 plate with 57K on the clock for £4500 Bargain! Tim
17/12/2006 20:01:58
[b]Wot no photos?[/b] I added a gallery on Saturday morning so that people could post some photos of the day. [B]Where are they all?:)[/B]
17/12/2006 22:26:59
[b]Great fun...[/b] Yes, I am now convinced that it is fear that stops you going faster at brands! I'm sure I went no quicker this, my 3rd visit, than my 1st visit a couple of years ago. Knowledge of the track and speed of the car doesn't really come into after the 1st couple of sessions, I think it really is down to how close or beyond your prepared to go to your fear threshold. There track was great, the day fantastic and I thought the track etiquette was excellent too, or am I biased because I was the one being overtaken most ? :eek: Thanks to all for a most enjoyable day, and I was glad I wasn't in the session with those 2 CRX drivers! - they really were going for it!
18/12/2006 15:59:16
Martin C
[b]Sorry all I couldn't make it[/b] [quote=norman]I added a gallery on Saturday morning so that people could post some photos of the day. [B]Where are they all?:)[/B][/quote] Oh! sorry Norman I was hoping to get down with the lenses, but I'm affraid I've been out of action for two weeks. But on the mend now and mobile again, but no snaps from me this time :( Stu, I know what you mean about paddock hill bend, this along with Quarry at Combe are two of my all time favourites. It is a lot to do with belief as much as the size of your knackers. I started by going round in 3rd the first time I went there, then I had an instructor session and he wanted to know why? He thought it was 4th and 20-25MPH faster at least and following his instructions he was right. By the end of the day I was 30MPH faster through that one bend than I'd started and the grin factor was so wide! It also proved the value of a good instructor session. Wish you all a peaceful Christmas and prosperous New Year when I look forward to catching up with you all again.:D Martin.
18/12/2006 18:06:26
Another great trackday. I started off slow in order to rebuild confidence in the car after having a few spins on two 'damp' trackdays. By the end of the day I was getting faster - could have done with another couple of sessions! ;) Sorry, I was too busy having fun on track to take any photos on this occasion.
18/12/2006 19:06:08
[quote=Ralph]... Sorry, I was too busy having fun on track to take any photos on this occasion.[/quote]I think that was the case with everyone this time around!
18/12/2006 22:36:42
[b]Brands Hatch[/b] Hi to all, 3.30am start:eek:....over 450 miles round trip....road works and traffic jams all the way home....rain, rain and more rain, 10.30pm finish:(....and I even managed to spill a full cup of hot tea inside the car!:mad:...Normally this would add up to a miserable experience, however it was smiles all the way home and the next day and the next:D.... WHY? I spent a fantastic and exciting day at Brands Hatch amongst great company. I am very grateful to Stu who introduced me to the fun that can be had on track and to all those who allowed me to share the experience in their cars. What a fantastic day guys! Many thanks to Stu, Ralph, Tim and Dave for their kind offers and driving me around the track and also for their invaluable advice. I am already planning further mods to my car for the next rounds in the New Year. Not sure my wife shares my new found passion though! I just want to take this opportnity to thank you all once again and to wish you a Happy Xmas and here is to further fun on the track in the New Year. Cheers guys!
19/12/2006 18:07:21
Mark, A pleasure to meet you. Your enthusiasm to drive all that way deserves a medal! As I was driving home I heard the traffic news about the M1 and realised that you'd have a pig of a journey back. Hope to see you again in 2007 - this time with your own car on track :D
21/12/2006 14:29:56
[b]Brake upgrade[/b] Guys, After Tim drove my car at Brands he suggested a rear brake upgrade to balance the stopping popwer of the front AP's I currently have fitted. I understood he meant a disc AND pad combination. Can someone please confirm what I would need to fit and where I can get them from? I just responded to a thread I saw on the forum about some Mintex 1177 pads and then I realised it was dated 2004!!!!! lol Looking forward to a response. Kind regards, Mark. PS Also need to know a part number for a set of 'HOT' cams.....cheers guys.
21/12/2006 14:48:46
Hi Mark, Don't worry - I saw your other post as well even though it was to an old thread. Anyone who subscribed to that thread will probably have an email showing your new addition, so expect some possible responses on there as well :) As to the question. On the AP fronts with 304 mm discs I run Mintex 1144s; on the standard rear calipers with standard sized discs I run Mintex 1177s. This provides a good balance. However, the 1177s eat discs as fast as the pads themselves wear out, which is also pretty quick. The dust problem is also significant. Using 1144s on the rear is a good alternative - they wear much better and make less dust. 1144s are also more available. 1177s have been difficult to source - hence the bulk buy thread from 2004. However, I have since found a good source of discs and pads who has said that he can also get 1177s. This is JRT Automotive in Chesham (just down the road from me). They have an ebay [URL=""]shop [/URL]- good prices too. There may soon be an option for upgrading the rear discs to something bigger. The problem to date is that the handbrake mechanism prevents a simple disk upgrade on the rear. Watch this space as they say.
21/12/2006 16:12:30
Further info here [URL=""][/URL]
23/12/2006 12:43:03
Graham 180
Helen and I had an excellent day at Brands. It was my first track day and hopefully not the last !. My ZS coped well apart from gradually fading brakes, which on one occasion made me hold on with more than just my hands !! Thanks very much for the free instructor session. Sarah gave me a good talking to about using 3rd gear at padock hill bend and also showed me a much faster route around clearways. After this I was much kinder to my tires. Helen went out in the ZS once, scared herself silly and came back in after a lap. I mentioned this to the Brands officials who were very kind and offered to let Helen drive the Renault Megane 225 under instruction. The guys were fantastic, and Helen enjoyed some proper instruction from Sarah !. Thanks again for a fantastic day at brands.:D
27/12/2006 21:53:00
To All, Apologies for not getting back to you individually ref the sound advice you have offered but I have been a little busy at home and work. However I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their advice on all things MG, incl. head and brake mods and look forward to seeing you all once again in the New Year. I hope you have all had a Great Xmas and you got everything you wished for.... On that note heres to a healthy and prosperous New Year. Best Wishes, Mark