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26/11/2006 23:56:24
Martin C
Hi everyone, Well you all had a tough day today, how did the song go? Slip slidin around. I've started to upload the images, the best of some 350 will go on. Probably about 100+ :confused: But it will take me a few days to get them all on here, so please be patient. As I've been up since 04.50 this morning I'm off to get some shut eye now. Once I've finished uploading them all I'll let you know. Cheers, Martin
28/11/2006 09:57:37
Martin C
Hi everyone, That is all the best of the photos from Sunday uploaded. If I've misssed anybody please accept my apologies. If anybody would like copies of an original please e-mail me at, [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] guoting the picture details, i.e. Silverstone 261106 127 and I'll get them off to you. Cheers, Martin. :)
28/11/2006 12:17:27
That's great - many thanks Martin - it must have taken you ages to upload all those. Much appreciated. :D
28/11/2006 12:47:07
[b]Thanks to All[/b] The photos are very good, I appreciate being in the top row. As my first track day I would like to thank all those who helped to put it on and made it enjoyable. Part of that enjoyment was the friendly atmosphere and while there was obvious pride in the cars, there was no one-upmanship.
28/11/2006 16:36:59
Martin C
[b]Re: Photos[/b] [quote=Dave]That's great - many thanks Martin - it must have taken you ages to upload all those. Much appreciated. :D[/quote] Hi Dave, It took all day yesterday on & off :mad: but it was lucky as I was off doing my best Mrs. Mop impersonation at home all day so just keept poping in & out to the PC & uploading the next one. I shouldn't say this but it seems my work PC is a lot quicker so I might copy a few of the unused ones to a CD, download them to my works PC and then try uploading them to the site to see if they go any quicker? I'm still getting used to this digital camera lark, so I hope the more I use it the better the images will be. Some I'm very pleased with but most could be improved. They are all images exactly as they came off the camera, I haven't had time to start to look at photo editing yet. :o Do you know if Norman is covering Brands on the 15th, only if he isn't I've discovered today that there is a chance I can get the day off. Martin. :)
29/11/2006 14:20:33
[b]Thanks to all[/b] Hi Dad (Bob Lucas) and I Tanya had great time, thanks to everyone who let us jump in as passagers. Look forward to seeing more pics.:)
01/12/2006 11:34:58
[FONT=Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]It[/SIZE][SIZE=2]’s good to see what looks like a standard V8 on track. This has encouraged me to blow the cobwebs off mine and get it back on track next year.[/SIZE][/FONT] [/FONT]
02/12/2006 10:16:51
Tim Guy
Top job Forest Boy. Thanks :) \\edit. Cropped one of them into an avtar. Like the Fosters 'F' in the background :D