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20/11/2006 21:11:08
Hi to all you mgsoters what insurance if any, do you use and if you do what companies can you recommend:D
21/11/2006 08:08:59
Paul, Take a look at the [URL=""]FAQ section [/URL]for our standard advice on insurance. My road-going insurance policy covers me for five track days a year at no extra cost. I'm with Aon and have their 'Everyday Roadster' policy. If you are interested in them for your normal renewal try [URL=""][/URL] (01384 552700). However, if your current insurer will not cover you, then you only have two choices - purchase one-off cover for the day or take the risk. The former is expensive and the latter is, strangely enough, what most people do. Drive within your own abilities and the liklihood of incident is much less than driving to work. :) HTH Dave