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24/05/2006 22:05:09
[B]Looking for Some Honest Feedback on the Instructors at the Event.[/B] Don't want to influence or prejudge anything so I'll only say this: - 30 odd laps driving 75% flat out. 2 laps instruction and in the gravel at Paddock Hill Bend, probable stuffed Le Mans weekend, not a happy bunny! If poss, can you provide instructors name with comments. Thanks in anticipation Phil :eek: :mad: :o P.S. Very sorry for stopping the session, any pics or video? :o P.P.S. If you want to keep comments private, e-mail it to me, [EMAIL=""][COLOR=blue][/COLOR][/EMAIL]
25/05/2006 15:14:22
[b]Instructor Info[/b] Sorry you had a bad experience, Philo, I can honestly say that the time with Stuart (my instructor) absolutely made the event for me - he was excellent. I was never encouraged to get out of my comfort zone unless I wanted to try - and Paddock was where his confidence in my car's ability kept me ON the track ! There's no way I'd have been able to convince myself to take the correct line and keep the power in, without his patience and quiet instruction, and even then I was wetting myself the first couple of laps with him ! (Mind you, my MGC GT can be scary in the wet on the ROAD, far less on Brands :eek: ) I'll be interested to hear what the others have to say too, as I know a couple I spoke to seemed to have had the same good experience I did. Sorry it didn't work out for you, though ..... John
25/05/2006 16:23:18
Tony Crossley
Philo, I'm a licenced instructor although I don't work at Brands, and our focus always has to be to first keep the customer safe before trying to build speed in to their driving. I'm amazed they got you into the gravel, especially so early in a session - normally I use one lap to see where the driver is at at their own pace then begin to build line and pace and smoothness into the driving over the remaining laps. Did the instructor encourge more speed, a different line, later braking? I'm interested in what happened differently that pitched you off the road. Tony
25/05/2006 17:57:00
Phil Also very sorry you had a less than satisfactory experience. The instructors were supplied by Brands and not MGoT's usual ones. We generally have very good feedback from participants regarding the instructors. Rather than discuss this on a public forum perhaps you would let Dave or myself know what exactly happened via email. I can be contacted [EMAIL=""]here[/EMAIL] (my MGoT email address is proving problematic at the moment). By the way, your pics will be on the way soon.:)
25/05/2006 21:44:06
Martin C
[b]Instructor Feedback[/b] Phil, Like others I'm sorry to hear you had a less than perfect time. With regard to instuctors all I can say is my experience with James was fine and well worth the money. He assessed my driving for two laps and then suggested where I could improve, Paddock Hill bend being one such area, I was entering in 3rd and he proved to me it is 4th with much higher speed carried through whole bend. We also experimented with different turn in points rather than the cones and with loading/unloading suspension by using brakes and just coming off or on the throttle. I have done some track days a number of years ago, but had never had any instruction before. I now think I will use at least one session every time I go to a new venue. For me I feel it would be worth it, without James I would probably have spent all evening thrashing round Paddock Hill bend in 3rd :confused: So I hope you will not be put off completely, take up Norman on disscussing your particular issue off line and look forward to seeing you again some time. Martin.