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24/05/2006 20:55:40
I have uploaded the photos to the gallery which can be found [URL=""]here[/URL] . I have not spent a lot of time cropping them or adjusting them but I can supply better if you want. The light was getting a bit dim and I spent a lot of time sheltering from the rain. (Some of them were taken from inside a marshall's post in a downpour). If anyone wants a higher resolution copy of a photo I can email one on. I don't offer a printing service I'm afraid (maybe one day). High resolution TIF images can be quite big (12mb) or I can do you a JPG. Send me an email [EMAIL=""]here[/EMAIL] with the picture number and I'll get it done as soon as I can. Apologies if I didn't get everyone there on the night.
24/05/2006 21:05:58
norman, your'e a legend, i didn't think anyone was taking pictures of me but found ten or so great pictures of my silver rover 220 sdi diesel, but i cant save the photo's from the gallery, all of them are great. If it's not too much trouble could you email me some of the photo's to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] please. thanks again, steve
24/05/2006 21:19:40
[quote=Mattbellamy123]If it's not too much trouble could you email me some of the photo's to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] please.[/quote] Steve (or Matt) It would help me if you could let me have an email with the picture numbers. I'll get them all together and probably email them out at the weekend.
24/05/2006 21:25:19
Excellent pics, and it's much appreciated you taking the time and the effort on our behalf. I've emailed a request across to you :) Cheers, Jon
24/05/2006 21:35:19
ok norman, i will have a good look at the photos and decide which ones i prefer, they are all pretty good though, thanks alot for taking the time. steve
24/05/2006 21:46:45
[b]Posted Photos[/b] Norman Great Job, Great Photos! Believe they're better than the pro's from Silverstone. Are there anymore to come? Seem to be very early session shots, mainly of the sighting laps? Will be sending you a request for files soon. Cheers Phil O :) :D :)
25/05/2006 06:38:24
I found 2 of me :D I can accept them in RAW if thats how they were shot :) Can I have copies of 3376 & 3364 please sent to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Thank you :)
25/05/2006 14:47:29
[b]Cheers[/b] Well done Norman, I had no one there with a camera so getting the pics of my ZT on the site is a great bonus for me. Thanks:D :D