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23/04/2024 22:27:40
Sorry for late post. A fantastic day at Cadwell. I went along to support Sue and had two sessions on track. How quickly you get the bug! What an experience going around a track like Cadwell in an MGB. The club is super supportive and friendly. It was an all round great day! Trying to work out a way to join again!
23/04/2024 23:30:04
Above from myself, Alan, on Sue’s login!
23/04/2024 23:30:05
Above from myself, Alan, on Sue’s login!
23/04/2024 23:46:00
Zeta 6
Seconded, i am not an MGCC member and i don`t own an MG though i had a BGT 35 years ago! This was my third Trackday with you and i have enjoyed every minute, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. It is nice to stand and chat between runs and though my car isn`t an MG it is of a similar vintage and it is nice to talk about the cars and the day, Cadwell was my passengers first event and he also really enjoyed it, we will both be back for more laps with you at Castle Combe. I will probably join the club as the discount on booking the Trackdays makes it worthwhile for me.
24/04/2024 11:03:04
  Delighted to hear you had such a great experience with MGoT. My son Duncan & I haven't done one since Cadwell last year, we've been trying to sort an overheating/over pressurizing coolant system on our MGB, we thought had solved it but Monday proved otherwise. Back to the drawing board.
  So our early departure meant I didn't get a chance to speak to more of you during the day but hopefully another time
Best wishes

24/04/2024 11:46:42
Hi Duncan and all. 
Thanks for a great day. As a novice I did not know what to expect. The welcome and tuition made it come together. It was a great MG team. Thanks all. 
PS Alan is buzzing! 
25/04/2024 14:03:27
Duncan Wood
Seems like everyone had a good time and many thanks for the positive feedback about the day.
The link above will take you to the MSVT Photography website for our day's images. You just need to enter your email to view.
All the best,
22/05/2024 12:37:03
Dear Duncan, dear Richard
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and the outstanding friendliness the evening before and during the trackday.  Cadwell Park was an absolute highlight of the almost 3 weeks we spent in UK (almost 2’000 miles). Although it was wet on the day I had great fun and hope to be back soon, maybe in Castle Combe in September?
The whole event was so well organized and everybody was so helpful. There is an outstanding spirit within this MG on Track group.
I tried to upload 4 pictures from the bunch I bought recently from the photographer. I hope it worked.
Thanks to you both and best regards,
22/05/2024 21:56:42
Duncan Wood
Dear Marc,
Many thanks for your message and, in return, can I say that you definitely have the right mindset to be an MGoT member so you're welcome anytime!
Castle Combe is another fun track and will give you a chance to take that postponed (?) visit to the Cotswolds.
I didn't have any luck seeing the photos but perhaps Richard will advise me.
Best wishes to you and to Tiziana,