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06/04/2024 18:04:45

If you are looking for some likeminded people to chat and have drink with the night before your track day then consider booking into:

Hotel name:    Premier Inn

Hotel Address: Maine Street, Thetford

Hotel post code: IP24 3PG

What 3 Words watches.cinemas.encloses

Hotel website: Click Here

Room rates:    Fr £64

Restaurant?     Yes

Breakfast:       Fr £9.99

Parking:          Yes

Parking for trailers:    No

Distance from track:   10 miles

Travel time to track:   15 mins

Places nearby to eat:   In Thetford


 Hotel name:    Travel Lodge

Hotel Address:   Bridge Street, Thetford

Hotel post code:  IP24 3AF

What 3 Words

Hotel website: Click Here

Room rates:    Fr £33.99

Restaurant?     Yes

Breakfast:       Yes £5.50 please check times

Parking:          Limited space

Parking for trailers:    Please check

Distance from track:   10 miles

Travel time to track:   15 mins

Places nearby to eat:   In Thetford


Hotel name:    The Crown hotel

Hotel Address:            12 Crown Road, Mundford, Thetford

Hotel post code:          IP26 5HQ

What 3 Words:          

Hotel website:

Room rates:    Fr £79 inc breakfast

Restaurant?     Yes

Breakfast:       Yes in the room price. Please check times

Parking:          Yes

Parking for trailers:    Please check

Distance from track:   18 miles

Travel time to track:   24 mins

Places nearby to eat:  

Please note I've not stayed at these venues myself

If you do book then I suggest you make this known by replying to this thread so that others know there are other members staying.

If you have any recommendations for this or any of our other track days as to alternative places to stay and eat the night before please let me know


06/04/2024 21:54:40
I'm booked and looking forward to meeting up over dinner
07/04/2024 10:34:56
Duncan Wood
I'm also staying at the Thetford Premier Inn on the Monday evening. Cheers, Duncan.
07/04/2024 12:00:41
Peter Macdonald
I have just booked the Premier Inn . Drinks and dinner for me.
20/05/2024 16:02:10
Mark Macdonald
I thought I'd better come out of the shadows and introduce myself. 

Hi Mark Macdonald here (no relation to Peter (that I'm aware of!)). Snetterton will be my first ever track day so it will be me tip toing round the edges trying not to upset anyone and hoping the old girl holds together. It will be the first outing for my 1500 midget aswell, which I bought on my 17th birthday (27 years ago), sold a couple of years later and re bought when I was 30 and barn stored. 

Dragged out of storage in late 2022, she has undergone a complete strip down and re build (not by my hands) and had her first outing on the roads last week. A few teething problems but fingers crossed all should be well. I look forward to meeting you all next week. I'll be the middle aged man with a bad back trying to squeeze himself into the old English white midget (it was hard enough before it had a roll cage)
20/05/2024 16:06:40
Mark Macdonald
Picture might help :)
21/05/2024 15:04:57
Duncan Wood
Dear Mark,

Many thanks for introducing yourself and for the photo....I'll keep a watch for you coming up behind me.
Always a bit of a challenge to enter and exit a Midget, but at least the roll cage will give us something to lever against should you need assistance!

See you at the track,

21/05/2024 15:10:10
Duncan Wood
Is anyone planning to eat at the Thetford Premier Inn on Monday evening?

Currently looks like:
Rene Chinnery
Peter Macdonald and

Add your name here or drop me an email if you plan to join us.
21/05/2024 18:23:19
Peter Macdonald
Hi Duncan. Just confirm I will need feeding at the Premier Inn so please book a table for us....I'm happy with whatever time you arrange. I'm sure Rene will be just as flexible on times...
23/05/2024 11:28:36
Hi Mark, Look forward to meeting you and your Midget. If the "old girl" doesn't hold together there will be plenty of help and advice at hand, if not I always bring a roll of duct tape with me! Cheers, Richard
23/05/2024 20:19:01
Colin Cansdale
Hi All.  My name is Colin and I am just introducing myself.  I've done two novice track days before, the first one I was towed in from the Bentley Straight not to reappear and the second one ended abruptly in torrential rain.  I have a 1275 Midget acquired in a swap for two interior doors, value about £30!!  I have built it up myself over 15 years and it's been on the road for the last five years.  Looking forward to meeting you all.
25/05/2024 10:15:45
Duncan Wood
Currently 5 to eat at the Premier Inn: Rene Chinnery Peter Macdonald Martin Holmes Chris Fairbairn Me Anyone else care to join? Cheers, Duncan.
26/05/2024 15:47:38
Duncan Wood
Table for five booked for 19.30hrs; see you in the bar an half hour or so before. If there is anyone else please let me know by midday tomorrow. Cheers, Duncan.