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24/08/2022 10:42:25
Phil Barton
I'm looking forward to my first track day at Donnington on 3rd October, but reading the event guide I note loose items must be removed from the car and the boot. Given that I have a diff and a battery where my car's spare wheel well was, I carry a spare wheel loose in the boot in a bag, plus tools, emergency kit, etc. Is there anywhere to put these while I'm out on track, such just popping them on the floor of the garage for the day (do I stick to whichever garage for the day?) or somewhere else as Sods Law being what it is, if I leave them at home....
24/08/2022 16:15:32
Hi Phil, A great track to do your first track day - it's where I made my track debut some years ago, before we'd even started MGs-on-Track :) You'll be able to unload the contents of your boot and store them in one of the garages whilst you are out on track. Everyone does the same - no worries at all. Have a great day, Dave