Forum Home / Brands Hatch GP 1 August 2019 / Is there a £10 surcharge for passengers for this day?

29/07/2019 10:29:40
Morning all Booked up for this day and looking forward to it (weather looks like it might be kind also). I didn't book at the time, but now have a guest that might be coming along as a passenger for some of the sessions. Is there an additional surcharge for this at Brands? I notice most other MGOT events (including Brands Indy) the passenger rides are free (excepting Goodwood) but also know that MSVT charge £10 for a passenger. Did I have to book the passenger at time of booking my TD or will they still be able to ride along free when they turn up? Thanks in advance Mel
29/07/2019 15:36:43
Hi Mel You shd have rec'd an email from Dave Pearce @ 13:41. I thought I'd happened to have seen this albeit we are 2 drivers no passenger in our car but now can't see it at all! As we running under MSV I would expect them to charge £10. I wouldn't hve thoguht they would turn £10 down on the day. See you there, hoping for a dry day after Dec's wet one Regards Mark