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29/05/2019 08:05:12
If you are looking for some likeminded people to converse etc with then consider booking into: Premier Inn, Swanley [PI] Rising Sun, Fawkham [RS] Current rates are: PI - £94 Single or Double RS - £55 single, £75 twin Address is: PI - London Road, Swanley BR8 7QD RS - Fawkham Green Road, Longfield, Kent, DA3 8NL Parking: PI - Limited RS - Amble with room for trailers Food: On site, breakfast included. Not sure of start time for PI, RS is 7:00, a bit tight but they will either make a pack up [we did this last year] or possibly open early if asked, something to consider if there is a group of us. Weblink: PI - [URL][/URL] RS - [URL]!/page_home[/URL] The circuit is: PI - 14miles away, 30mins RS - 2miles away, 6mins Please note I've not stayed at the Premier but my son and I stayed at the Rising Sun last Dec, it was excellent, good food and a range of beers. We'll be booking there his time. Please let others know if you are stopping over by posting to this thread