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31/01/2018 17:55:54
Big Frank
Have driven at Goodwood many times but never in my MG TF LE500. Given that this car is some way off being standard as it's fitted with a 160 engine plus a number of tuning mods, any suggestions or tips from previous track day visitors to Snetterton who may have driven an MGF or TF?
31/01/2018 19:40:14
Martin Holmes
Hi, I have driven Snet many times in both an MGF TF and my current Trophy and find it a wonderful challenging circuit but quite different to Goodwood. Apart from a genuine hairpin and the very long tightening Coram ( and the bombhole ) which Goodwood doesn't really replicate I think Jonathan Palmar designed many corners on the 'new' 300 circuit that mirror some of the best corners form other circuits he raced on. Well, I think I read that somewhere but others may be a better judge of that. Goodwood it's not and the long Russell ( back ) straight requires quite heavy braking for the left hander that follows that again you don't find at Goodwood. Your car would be very suited to the East Anglian track and we would love to see you there. I haven't been at all technical if that's what you wanted and hopefully others might offer a much more expert view but I love the circuit and in all honesty prefer it to Goodwood although the good old West Sussex circuit has a charm of it's own of course! We hope to see you in Norfolk this year, Regards, Martin