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31/10/2017 15:43:59
Richard Wale
Hi, Apologies to the Yellow session at 10.45 at Goodwood today for spewing oil over the track at Madgwick during the previous 10.30 Green session. The oil seal between the oil cooler sandwich and the oil filter head failed very suddenly. Exiting Madgwick I felt a slight kick to the left, but I wasn't going that quickly, and immediately noticed the oil pressure disappearing fast! The 'kick' was presumably me running over my own oil slick. With a car plastered in oil underneath, even if I could have removed the oil cooler sandwich and run without the cooler, I doubt the circuit would have been very keen for me to be on the track, so I contacted my insurance company. They also provide roadside recovery, and about 30 minutes later the recovery truck came into the pits to collect the car and me, and then deliver us home near Oxford a couple of hours later. Superb service! I use Heritage Classic Car insurance and they provide Europe-wide recovery AND cover track day use as well - no dragging the car outside the circuit to get recovered. All the modifications have been advised to them and our insurance for 5,000 miles, including Europe and recovery, is around £180 per year with agreed value.
31/10/2017 17:07:16
I was also with Heritage for some years on the basis of the track day cover, but when renewal came up last week they said they had changed underwriters and track day cover is no longer available. When I argued and threatened to move to another provider they reluctantly agreed to a limit of 2 track days a year with dates fixed at renewal....... I have moved to HIC who don’t do track cover either but are significantly cheaper (£130) than Heritage....... make the most of it while you can !
01/11/2017 09:40:56
Martin Holmes
Hi Richard, I hope I can say on behalf of the yellow group ( of which I was one ) that we were not that inconvenienced and made up the time somehow. On behalf of MGs on Track and the committee we were sorry to see your day curtailed but pleased to hear that Heritage made the disappointment of your breakdown slightly less painful with an efficient quick recovery home. Obviously Pete's posting indicates maybe Heritage might be changing their T's + C's in this regard so that is something to watch out for. We very much hope to see you again on track soon and if it is just a simple cheap seal to sort between the cooler and filter then maybe you can be up and running again quite quickly. I guess it could have been much worse with the risk of consequential engine damage so maybe that's a positive. Regarding the oil slick it wasn't "Torrey Canyon" in scale but was impressive none the less! Thanks for attending yesterday and while you were running ok in the morning I hope you at least had some fun. Best wishes, Martin