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22/03/2015 00:19:10
Having just booked the morning on track I spent the afternoon taking photographs and would like to upload them but can't seem to make it work! Can somebody help?
22/03/2015 11:35:40
Hi, What sort of trouble are you having uploading the photos? Do you have a ZIP file of the photos? Do you have Dropbox or Google drive so that you could send me the photos? Cheers Andy
22/03/2015 19:52:18
Hi Both, I think there is an issue with uploading photos at the moment as I was unable to upload the Goodwood pics and resorted to Photobox. I don't know what you are getting, but I was seeing a processing error irrespective of how I tried to upload.
22/04/2015 12:53:49
If you would like to see the photos follow this link - [URL=""][/URL]