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10/03/2015 18:11:54
Dan Friel
Many thanks for allowing me to join in at Silverstone this morning.. hopefully the fiesta didn't get in the way at all. Had a great time, even though a new car and new circuit was a bit of a challenge! Hope to be back, with an MG.. Dan
10/03/2015 18:24:04
Richard Wale
Another excellent time at Silverstone. The date clashed with something else today, but when the half-day was offered, a bit of diary juggling and the morning sessions were booked. The sessions organisation worked very well, once the 'Finish Flag' marshall became visible!! Seemed to give an almost seamless transition from one session to the next - well worth trying again. Thanks to all the organisers - hopefully the bookings were enough in the end, albeit a bit of a last minute take-up?
10/03/2015 19:27:30
Another well managed MGs on Track day! My 2nd event with you, the first time at Silverstone... It took a bit longer to learn than Goodwood, but it certainly lived up to the 'cant't miss' event. Cheers!
11/03/2015 08:25:30
Thanks also from me - I had a great time. An excellent way to experience the circuit, in the company of all those beautiful cars. Charlie
11/03/2015 10:57:07
Much enjoyed the day, thanks. As said above once you could see the chequered flag marshall all was OK, although the Silverstone man seemed a bit unneccessarily officious!:D Some of the more experienced drivers in their non-road cars were also more than a bit pushey. (Aren't they supposed to be 'road legal'?) But hey we live and learn! Saw some cars that I have never seen before too and not just MGs. Thanks again. Martin
11/03/2015 14:30:09
I'd managed to set my alarm 30 minutes too late, which used up any contingency allowance for the M1 roadworks. Just made it in time for the briefing, then had to go out for fuel. First session fine, car going great guns. Then the jinx - two laps into the second session, a bit of of a quiet bang followed by funny rubbing sort of noises on all the corners. Pulled into the pits, but couldn't see anything. Did an exploratory lap next session at the back of the field, and it was definitely wheel bearing. Back in the pits, jacked up the N/S front, and it's clunking back and forth rather alarmingly. So much for Metro bearings! Nowhere near could do anything about it, so managed to get back to base (100 miles away) at reduced speed up the A5 and A51. Nice day for a topless drive, but it would have been even nicer clocking up my fair share of laps round the circuit. Back next year PLEASE!!!
11/03/2015 19:12:58
Add my thanks to the committee and those involved for such a splendid trackday. The seamless change over between sessions worked perfectly! Thanks also to everyone who made my daughter Rachel feel so welcome, she had a brilliant time. (Particular thanks to Steve who made her want a far more expensive birthday present than usual!) :D We had an eventful journey back home. Just before the M1 junction the head gasket blew between cylinders 2 & 3. Bit hairy on the short trip down the M1 to Bedford but we got home safely to Suffolk. Hadn't realised you can get a 'B' up to 65mph on two cylinders! Richard
12/03/2015 20:41:54
MG roger
[b]Silverstone[/b] I didn't know the sun ever shone at Silverstone - over the years have experienced everything from hailstorms in a "B" - hood down, to pouring rain to strong winds so it was a great pleasure to enjoy the day in such good weather - many thanks to committee for organising this and a superbly run event. Splitting the session groups was a great idea. Can't wait until Snetterton - local circuit Roger Davison