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23/01/2015 13:00:40
25/10/2015 20:03:10
Wicker Man
[quote=Trophy-Steve]Accommodation...[/quote] I don't know the area but am tempted to try either of the two suggested by this website: The Bull Hotel - a fourteenth century Inn or The Brands Hatch Thisle - might take advantage of thier two night with dinner offer or Maybe the Premier Inn at Sevenoaks?
04/11/2015 21:47:28
I tend to stay at the Premier inn, Sevenoaks Maidstone on th A20 at Rothwell heath, it's only 10 mins to Brands from there. There is also the convenience of an Esso petrol station next door to it. Usual thing, if anyone else is staying there we could have a meet up for an evening meal :) Cheers Richard
06/11/2015 23:42:43
Booked Premier Inn Sevenoaks/Maidstone for £29 - sweet!
11/11/2015 14:08:15
Wicker Man
[QUOTE=Rich]Usual thing, if anyone else is staying there we could have a meet up for an evening meal :) Cheers, Richard[/QUOTE] We're now booked in at Sevenoaks Premier Inn too. Meal deal plus breakie came to a bit more than £29, but still good value. Steve & Sue
11/11/2015 23:05:19
Look forward to seeing you there. Cheers Richard
02/12/2015 09:07:15
Hi Richard,can you have a word with your friend the weather wizard please, it worked at Castle Combe, See you there Colin:)
02/12/2015 22:09:27
Hi Colin, I've spoken to the 'weather wizard' but he said he is off to the Bahamas for a month to avoid "bloody Christmas", his words! His stand-in was going to be 'Frosty the snowman' but he didn't like the fixed grin on his face, decided 'Frosty' wasn't living in the real world. That just left the 'Ancient mariner' who asked what sort of weather we'd be wanting. 'Wizard' said "sunshine would be good but failing that whatever floats your boat"! 'Mariner said he could do that one a treat! So there you have it - fit wet tyres! :( See you there, Richard
04/12/2015 12:00:01
Hi all, I am also booked in at the Premier Inn at Wrotham Heath (they call it Sevenoaks), OK if I join you for dinner? (Likely to be another as well if he fixes his exhaust in time!). Probably wont get there till about 7.00 so shall we say 7.30 in the bar? Regards James
04/12/2015 19:23:20
That would be me then. The wrong parts arrived so I have patched the back box. Did nearly 200 miles with it last night and it is still a bit buzzy. Hopefully not in the noise meter's sweet spot. I will be eating before I leave on Sunday so will join you for a drink (or two) while or after you eat. Booked in for fat boys' breakfast though!:p
05/12/2015 14:25:27
7.30 sounds good :)