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23/01/2015 12:39:48
[b]Staying at Silverstone?[/b] PREMIER INN SILVERSTONE/ BRACKLEY HATCH/ GREEN MAN. Follow the link: [url],d.ZWU[/url] I'm In!
23/01/2015 21:52:38
I'm in also, :) Richard
24/01/2015 13:45:39
Me too, see you all there:D
25/01/2015 16:47:53
As I mentioned on another thread, I can't go this time but had already booked my room at Premier Inn Silverstone. The booking cannot be cancelled so I can't cancel and get a refund. However, if someone wants to make me an offer they can have my room. I paid £36.00 in their Sale. Anyone interested?? I can be contacted at chris.hasluck at Chris
28/01/2015 13:17:39
I'm there too. :)
29/01/2015 17:40:35
I'll be there!
16/02/2015 13:47:50
[b]I'm there[/b] Hi all I'm booked in, is everyone eating there if so what time? it would be nice to all meet up Colin
18/02/2015 12:13:58
Wow - change of plan. Am now able to go on the 10th. See you at Premier Inn on Monday. Chris
07/03/2015 14:53:53
Seems like there will be a bunch of us staying at The Green Man / Premier Inn [B]Can I suggest 19.30 for 20.00 for anyone that is eating there?[/B]
07/03/2015 22:43:16
Sounds good!
08/03/2015 11:44:59
Count me in, too. I am also booked in to the Premier Inn. James