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12/05/2014 17:26:56
Well after an early spin for which I should have earned good points for artistic interpretation, I polled out early at lunch time - what a wuss! The journey back down the A/M11 was one of the worst I have experienced. I hope those that stayed managed to have some fun in the afternoon. My boots were wringing wet after paddling in the garage and hadn't dried out by the time I reached home. Better luck next year!
13/05/2014 07:56:29
Seems you had a bit of rain yesterday .. A couple of years ago I also had a river running through the garage and there was an hours delay while they got the water bowsers out and pumped water off the corners .. And then the sun came out again .. Good luck with your racing and hope Mrs PRB is feeling better ..
13/05/2014 08:31:04
Dave P
I think the thunderstorm was payback for Paul's comments relating to certain musical instruments! It did slowly dry during the afternoon and we finished the day with warm sunshine. Getting 30 min sessions was a bit of a bonus, although not for MSV though.
13/05/2014 15:21:20
MG Dug
My first wet track day and quiet an experience having spun off coming out of Hamilton and several tail wagging moments at Montreal and Nelson. They look interesting on reviewing the video. Sorry but cant upload due to the MSV copyright issues but can bring to Brands if anyone is interested in seeing it. After Silverstone I was hoping to see the benefit of fitting a taller diff but rain [and thunder, lightning and hail] stopped play. Hopefully Brands will be dry. Thanks again to the organising team.
13/05/2014 21:43:41
James King
Well that was my first MG track day and my wife's first ever track day! It was a shame about the weather but I actually really enjoyed having a wet track, it took a lot more skill and concentration to keep the car pointing in the right direction then on a dry track and as a bonus the tyres are pretty much in the same state they were before the day! Due to the rain we also got to explore quite a bit of the lovely grass at Snetterton, usually whilst doing 50 backwards! I managed to spin 3 times on 1 session and Amy had a very big spin just before the entrance to the pit lane. We did all of the sessions except for the last one as we got a call that meant we had to head home however we both really enjoyed the day, it was really nice to see so many other MG fanatics there and there was quite an impressive line up of cars. I've done an MSV day there before with mixed makes but enjoyed the MG day a lot more, despite the rain. We've already decided that we'll book on again next time MGoT comes back to Snetterton and I might see if I can persuade my mate to come with me to one further afield. Many thanks to the organisers for a really enjoyable day. :D
14/05/2014 08:48:43
My first trip back to Snet since they created the 300 circuit. It took me a while to get to grips with it especially given the variability of the conditions in the morning. However, Andrew, our MSV host, gave us a good lunchtime chat about the lines and took some of us around in the Peugeot, so by the afternoon, with the more settled conditions, I was flying :) They've done a great job with the 300 - all the pleasures of the old circuit with the nice technical infield - well suited to Fs and my temperament! It was also great to meet up with so many old faces - all in all, well worth the 750 mile return trip from the wilds of Pembrokeshire! So, where will we go for Founders Day next year :D Many thanks to Tim and Fran for their day management, with everything going swimmingly (sometimes literally :eek: ) whilst coping with ongoing suspension troubles on their own F. Thanks also to everyone for getting through the day's difficult conditions with just one brief red flag for a displaced marker cone. I managed 165 miles on track :)
14/05/2014 17:30:48
May I also add my thanks to Tim & Fran and all the team involved in making it such a splendid day. I thoroughly enjoyed driving in the wet/damp/dry and back to wet conditions as a way of exploring the handling abilities of the car and myself! Also as Dave said, a real bonus having half hour sessions :D