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05/05/2014 16:37:14
The event guide has now been emailed out to all attendees. If you didnt receive your copy, please check your junk folder, then let me know or download the forms and lists from below. [QUOTE] Hi Tracksters Please find attached four important documents relating to your track day at Snetterton next Monday 12th May 2014. Please read them all carefully and check the session list to see if your details are correct. We are pleased that MSV are again offered [B]Classroom Instruction[/B] to pass on tips and tricks about the circuit and help us improve our lines. These will be held in the briefing room. Attendance is not obligatory but highly recommended for all abilities. Please note that there are two registration forms, one for MGoT and one for MSV. Please print both of these (one for each person going on track), fill in both and have them with you as you join the check-in queue. Drivers will also need their licences, both plastic and paper parts for those of us with the latest style. If you find anything wrong with your details on the session list or have any questions relating to the day, please do not hesitate to contact me by email up to Thursday lunchtime or by phone (07950 359485) thereafter. Pease remember that this day has a single session for all MGoT cars so all abilities will be on track at the same time[B]. [/B]Please give each other consideration; slower cars keep a good look out in your mirrors and let faster cars by; faster cars do not worry or tailgate slower cars.[B][FONT="] The Black Flag will be shown both to drivers overtaking without clear consent and to drivers causing queues behind them by not letting others by.[/FONT][/B] Look forward to seeing you all there. [/QUOTE]