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03/04/2014 08:58:13
Dave P
I am booked into Croft for the third year running. It always seemed a long way to go for a track day but once I had driven there I was hooked! Well worth the journey for us southerners. I am at the Premier Inn in Darlington on the Thursday night, hope to get there in time for a meal!
23/05/2014 15:25:43
Dave P
Names from the Lotus on Track website who are booked into the MG session are: Julian Hepburn Quinton Armitage Ken Armstrong Martin Jenkins Me Come on chaps! There must be more of you who want to drive this fantastic circuit! If you live 'down south' it is well worth the journey and the Premier Inn at Darlington is close by. Those of you who live 'up north' don't even need to get up early! Anyone else planning to book?
24/05/2014 14:22:19
I hope to be as I have TD withdrawal symptoms and missed also Croft last year.
05/06/2014 16:31:31
Dave P
A few more signed up: Nigel Custance Jamie Brown John Lister Martin Holmes Look forward to seeing you all there.
13/06/2014 15:50:55
Dave P
We now have 11 MG's booked. I think it is 15 cars per session so 4 more to go.