Forum Home / Bedford Autodrome 25th January 2014 / Bedford

26/01/2014 18:36:24
What an amazing circuit. Fantastic sweeping fast corners and amazing sense of achievement when it all goes to plan. I will definitely go back there again. Just watch out for the last corner before the long straight it's like an ice rink in the wet.
26/01/2014 22:02:04
Totally agree, fantastic circuit, some really tight corners and hairpins. You are quite right about that bend before the long straight, I did a 360:( but managed to stay on the tarmac :D I don't think anyone saw me so I got away with it. Saw several Loti come to grief there as well! Overall we were lucky with the weather as it didn't rain untill 3.30, by which time I was knackered anyway :o Cheers, Richard