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28/12/2013 14:07:44
Dave P
Can you post in this thread if you are coming to Bedford on 25 Jan? From the LoT website I can see as MG entries: John Grottick Peter Hacking Justin Tucker Also Martin Holmes and myself from the committee; anyone else? Happy New Year Dave
07/01/2014 19:28:39
A Happy New Year to one and all. I've just booked for Bedford as well and am looking forward to blowing off the cobwebs. :D See you there. Cheers, Richard Pipe
08/01/2014 20:59:17
Looking forward to it, my name is already on the list up there ^ I signed up last year but it was cancelled due to snow - here's hoping for some good weather this time :) Cheers, Justin
09/01/2014 21:36:56
and ME, can someone let me know what the format is? Do you just go out when you like, for as long as you like?
11/01/2014 09:26:37
Dave P
Basically yes! Assuming nothing has changed you get static noise tested as you drive in and then you sign on in the café (that serves very good fry-ups!). Briefing is carried out there and you next drive to the paddock area where you can unload tools etc (there are a small number of garages that may be open, most people just line up in the paddock). Sighting laps are done as normal then back to the paddock and from then on it is open pit lane. Go out when you want and come in when you want. There is a circuit limit so if the maximum number of cars are out you will be held in a queue until someone comes in but that is rare at Bedford. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. Bedford are strict on drive-by noise and you will be sent home if you trip the meters. They do warn you if you are close to the limit so you then have to back off or short shift at the appropriate points in the circuit! Full instructions will come from LoT before the event. Look on a map to find the place as unless they have modified the postcode, sat navs send you to the nearby village. I have managed to get lost most times I have been there and I only live 20 mins away!
11/01/2014 11:20:39
A map is available on the MSV website for Bedford but all you need to do is drive the A6 to the Sharnbrook roundabout and follow the signs to Thurleigh Airfield Business Park .. I once tried to find a route through the lanes and it was not easy .. Don't forget I have a circuit guide for sale and it includes Bedford and has all my notes in it for the GP circuit which is long and has a lot of bends .. :confused: Learn it before you arrive and drive ..
14/01/2014 18:19:49
[b]Spectator[/b] Hi Dave, I have just joined the forum and have a BGT with lots of rust and even more goodies bolted on - race engine, forged pistons, tank, roll cage , 650lb springs, Ridgard seats, four point harnesses, plumbed in fire extinguisher, plastic bonnet and rear window, I think that's the lot.. I bought it a few months ago but the engine blew up so new pistons and a Peter Baldwin tune up later I am now in the game. I want to do track days but see that the Bedford meet is not suitable for novice drivers (which I am , having only done one track day in my life before ) Do you think I could turn up sometime during the day to meet you and your fellow enthusiasts? Yours, Mike R QUOTE=Dave P]Can you post in this thread if you are coming to Bedford on 25 Jan? From the LoT website I can see as MG entries: John Grottick Peter Hacking Justin Tucker Also Martin Holmes and myself from the committee; anyone else? Happy New Year Dave[/QUOTE]
15/01/2014 07:21:15
Dave P
Hi Mike, Welcome to the club and the forum. Unfortunately I don't believe you will be able to come to the Bedford track day if you are not participating, the following is from the Event Guide from the last track day I did over there: [B][SIZE=2]IMPORTANT! – Bedford is a non spectator venue. You are more than welcome to bring one passenger with you but no more please. Children under the age of 16 should not be brought into the venue as there are no facilities for them. We run from a paddock area that has rather limited space and is considered part of the track so anyone present has to have been briefed and signed in for the day. Our first full MGoT day is Goodwood on 22 Feb and then Silverstone on 17 March which I guess is closer to you. You would be more than welcome to come to one of those days and it will give you a better idea of how MGoT runs. Bedford is an open pit lane day which is operated to a different format. Regards Dave [/SIZE][/B]
15/01/2014 16:29:27
[b]Spectator[/b] Hi Dave, Thanks for this advice, I will probably come along to Silverstone which as you say is a lot closer to me than Goodwood, though funnily enough the one track day I have done was at Goodwood. Hope to see you there. Best regards, Mike R.
20/01/2014 20:06:09
Hi Mike you can come as my passenger if you like - if you want to meet up somewhere before hand. I'll try not to kill you - lol don't forget to bring your helmet 07946 816081