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02/12/2013 20:01:08
Tim Guy
What went wrong :- The 2013 guide shows a 7:15 check in and an 8:15 briefing. MSV staff didn't like this; better next year to have 7:30 and 8:30. A 12:00 lunch meant that there were only two morning sessions after the pace laps. This created difficulty in scheduling the instruction sessions. Better to arrange 13:00 lunch, noting that this will only leave 2 afternoon sessions and coaching price will need to be adjusted accordingly. Other Notes :- MSV insist on checking driving licenses and issuing driver wristbands themselves. Check in comprises MGoT staff checking list, taking MGoT indemnity and issuing envelope with instruction details & helmets. Following this MSV check licence and attach wristband. Briefing bands may be supplied by MGoT but check colours with MSV to avoid conflict. In 2013 Brands marshals ran the pit lane (unlike 2012 when MGoT day manager (Paul Bryson) ran it). Better that Brnads do it as it allows the day manager freedom for other duties. In 2013 Brands provided the pace car and driver. 2013 Circuit contact for event manager - Nick Rice. Kentagon Cafe' was opened for lunch.
12/12/2013 21:28:56
Martin C
[b]Initail e-mail[/b] Tim has posted the last event guide and risk assessment. This is my initial contact e-mail when I send all the paperwork