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20/08/2013 18:30:14
Neil Surrey Labs
I've just booked Red19 into the track day Pls give me a wide birth!!
21/08/2013 07:05:56
Tim Guy
Good to see you on here Neil :) I'm sure you'll enjoy Combe and Red 19 will be fine. We at MGoT have about the best rep there is for on track courtesy and giving each other space. Did you book an instruction session. If you haven't driven Combe before, it's particularly valuable to be shown the best lines and the little wrinkles early in the day. If you email [EMAIL=""]Dave Pearce[/EMAIL] I'm sure he will be happy to sort you out
21/08/2013 16:36:44
Dave P
No problem adding instruction to your booking, just let me know and we will fit you in. Price is £ 12.00 per session and you can pay on the day.