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27/06/2013 08:39:25
Coming to a VDU near you soon! Snetterton 300 - The Premier. Starring a host of MGs.................... [URL=""][/URL]
27/06/2013 17:16:32
Tim Guy
Featuring prominently ;)
27/06/2013 19:26:29
[b]And he cut me passing him!![/b] Check my video 10.49 for continuation.:D
27/06/2013 19:56:41
Martin C
Hi Steve, Another great video that I enjoyed, good job you use your mirrors and spotted the Sprite coming. As I said on Shaun's thread, that R300 circuit looks lovely and I really hope we get the chance to go back next year and that it is not a shutdown week for me.
29/06/2013 15:52:27
Col 180
Here is my video from the 5th session: [url][/url] Includes making a hash of it at 7.25! Great circuit the 300 lay out and great day!
29/06/2013 21:04:15
[b]Last session video[/b] [url][/url] The car is 30mm lower now and rubbing arches at the hairpins and bombhole.... Listen out. Thanks Tim and the whole crew for a great day out...:)
01/07/2013 21:09:55
Tim Guy
Some great videos posted and what a good standard of driving in all of them :) Well done all. Tim
02/07/2013 10:04:17
Starting near the back in every session seems to have worked; after everyone else overtook me I had a lot of clear track... :D [url=]Session 5[/url] [url=]Session 6[/url]