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26/06/2013 13:12:20
[url],1430889,page=3[/url] MGCGT
26/06/2013 17:03:05
Tim Guy
Nice - Thanks for sharing :)
26/06/2013 20:45:20
Martin C
Shaun, Fantastic, awsome sound from that C, they don't handle do they! :D. Also congratulations on your driving, a perfect example of following track etiquette and not pressurising cars in front going into corners. Really enjoyed it, only pity was I couldn't get day off work, R300 circuit looks fantastic.
27/06/2013 19:04:59
Thanks Martin , was really nice to be with other MG's, today at Snetterton was a mixed bag not nearly so much fun. Hopefully next time you come to snetterton I'll be home. Also those who are new to the circuit next time I really don't mind spending some time with them to get the most out a really quite technical cct. My videos are not nearly as entertaining as Toms. Will see if I can work the editor . Regards to all.:)