Forum Home / Snetterton 300 - 24th June / Clutch failed on route, last minute space available

24/06/2013 04:58:40
If anyone is not working today and fancies doing Snetterton there is a space available. My clutch failed on the drive over here last night, i managed to get to the hotel and the AA recovery are picking me up between 6-8 this morning for the lift home boo hoo hoo Stu :(
24/06/2013 06:03:06
Martin C
:mad: That is a real pi**er mate, especially as it is our first go on the R300 circuit. Hope it is a relatively easy fix.
25/06/2013 17:50:53
Heard from the Garage this afternoon Clutch bearing had collapsed!:eek: Replacement clutch and bearing fitted and I am collecting it in the morning :D Sterling Service from Gary at Summit Motors in Maidenhead Thanks guys Roll on the weekend, off work for a week and driving spa on Sunday......... Stu :)
26/06/2013 22:10:44
Glad you got it sorted Stu... Enjoy Spa!