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17/06/2013 17:53:14
Tim Guy
Hi Tracksters. The event guide has just gone out by email. If you didn't get it check your junk mail box or download from the documents below. There are two registration forms, one for MGoT and one for MSV. Please print these (one for each person going on track), fill in both and have them with you as you join the check-in queue. Drivers will also need their licences, both plastic and paper parts for those of us with the latest style. If you find anything wrong with your details or have any questions relating to the day, please do not hesitate to contact me by email up to next Sunday morning or by phone (07950 359485) thereafter. Please remember that this day has a single session for all MGoT cars so all abilities will be on track at the same time. Please give each other consideration; slower cars let the faster ones by; faster cars do not worry or tailgate slower cars. We have been provisionally allocated the 40 mins past the hour sessions but MSV may change this on the day. Best to plan your preparation to be on track at 9:00.
17/06/2013 18:30:07
MG Dug
For supporters of the MG BTCC team, Tesco Momentum 99 petrol is available at the Tesco Superstore in Thetford [KILVERSTONE, THETFORD, IP24 2RL] which is 10 miles from Snetterton.
23/06/2013 11:23:42
Tim Guy
Will be leaving to drive up to Snet very shortly. Any problems, please contact us through Fran's mobile. 07590 359485 See you all there Tim
25/06/2013 08:16:48
[b]Thanks for a good day[/b] Tim peeps. Thanks for a good day , slightly slow start (will have words with the pace car driver on thursday lol) So nice to play with other MG's sadly my work schedule and noisy car stop e from attending more. Thanks to those who helped sort a brake problem out , oil on the rear shoes. Hope you enjoyed Snetterton a much more demanding cct than it appears and gives the bigger cars two straights to stretch there legs. We occasionally have dealer days with Fast Eddy and Pistonheads East Anglia which can save 10% on a open pit lane day and we use the Scruntineering bay and have our own entry to track , if your interested I'll send Tim details when we do one, next is thursday 27th June. Thanks again Tim and gang. Shaun n Connor (MGC) :D
25/06/2013 11:07:55
[b]Thanks[/b] My first track day for many years and my first with MGoT. Really enjoyed the although the car only just passed the noise test, 104ish. Look forward to next ones. John (red midget)