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29/01/2013 22:16:42
Aggghhh! Just logged in to sign on for Snetterton which has been in my diary for 17th. To my horror it has moved to 24th June. Unfortunately this clashes with Le Mans which is already booked. I appreciate that the booking of circuits is fluid and suspect this was imposed by the circuit. I have been looking forward to our return to my local circuit particularly in the late spring. He Ho - maybe next year! Enjoy the day for all who are lucky to book.
30/01/2013 00:08:15
Tim Guy
Sorry about that Steve. Yes the change was circuit driven. Of all our events, this was the least certain. Enjoy LeMans and see you at Silverstone. Tim
22/02/2013 10:17:43
[b]Snetterton Accommodation[/b] FYI I have booked a single room at the Breckland Lodge for £49.95 the night before. It is about 10 minutes up the road from Snetterton circuit.:D
23/02/2013 04:09:26
I can highly recommend Breckland lodge, I have stayed there for 30 nights + over the last year, whilst working in Norwich. The normal rooms are nice but the premier rooms are very comfortable indeed at £79 Free wifi Carvery is good. Rooms 20 & 21 are my favorites :D (Sad really i know :o) Stu
02/04/2013 13:18:17
[b]At last[/b] At last you venture over to the east , also when I'm home and a track that has sensible db levels. You'll enjoy the 300 cct the long straights remain at the end of which two nice bends to get right at speed, the new infield makes it interesting. Don't damage JP's grass either every blade is like family. I assume garages are first come don't know ! I'm in Norwich if anybody needs help etc just pm