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06/06/2011 18:24:53
Tim Guy
Well, it's up to you; we do charge extra for instruction.

Unless our contract with the circuit requires it we do not insist that people take instruction although we do encourage it.


Firstly we run our instruction sessions at or below cost. We believe that competent and predictable driving promotes on track safety for the benefit of all. We also believe that the best and certainly the cheapest nut to adjust to get more speed out of your car is the one behind the wheel. All our track days have the option of taking a session with a trained ARDS instructor.

So what form does it take?? 

Instruction Session You will spend one session of 20 minutes (or sometimes 15) with the instructor as a passenger in your car. Typically the instructors are race drivers who will have driven the circuit for many years, under all conditions and in a variety of cars. As a minimum they will be able to ensure you are driving in a safe fashion and making the best use of the circuit; getting your lines right. Depending on your level, they will show you the tricks and tips of getting round the particular track and will also also be able to show you a few techniques to improve your driving.

Coaching During the afternoon sessions of some of our track day, we stop instruction and offer coaching. In this you get multiple sessions with the same instructor during your entire afternoon sessions. The instructor has more time to observe and can progressively work on skills that will improve your driving. Alternatively, you can choose for yourself what you want to practice, maybe trail braking, car balance etc. Either way the extended time and multiple sessions give the opportunity to focus on the skills and practice them under his guidance. It's great value too. Just look at what you would normally expect to pay commercially for One to One Coaching.