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27/08/2010 14:00:55
Martin C
Well, that was quick, sold out in 38 hours :eek: If you missed out and want to be placed on the reserve list, please e-mail [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Reserve List, 1. David Beatty, contacted Sunday 17th no reply by Tuesday 19th. 2. David Keeling 3. Mike Harrison 4. Judy Hills 5. David Townsend 6. John Cohen 7. Simon Scargill 8. Andy Cumming 9. Nigel Pratt
27/08/2010 16:17:45
I've not done Goodwood before ...just glad I got my booking in early, now looking very much forward to it !!
20/10/2010 14:00:33
Martin C
To date Wednesday 20th 15:00 hrs we have had 1 cancellation, which has now been filled. The reserve list now looks like this, 1. David Beatty, contacted Sunday 17th no reply by Wednesday 20th. 2. Andy Jones, Taken a place 3. Howard Springett 4. Stuart McMurchy 5. Mark Wanstall 6. David Keeling 7. Susan Bryson 8. Mike Harrison 9. Judy Hills 10. David Townsend 11. John Cohen 12. Simon Scargill 13. Andy Cumming 14. Nigel Pratt