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09/06/2010 18:35:44
I've just read the track day guide for Combe next week, but I have a couple of questions about filming. It says " Track Day Guide [FONT='Arial'][B]No in-car video is allowed without the permission of the organisers. The circuit may require a written indemnity. Cameras (still and video) must be securely mounted to the vehicle.[/B][/FONT]" Who do I ask, does the Castle Combe require written indemnity and is a camera mounted on a suction mount on a side screen deemed secure? My filming would be for not for personal profit, youtube etc.. Thanks, Steve
09/06/2010 20:57:33
Martin C
Hi Steve, I've just checked the circuit Terms & Conditions, the specfic wording is this, [COLOR=blue][I]Photographs[/I] [COLOR=black](and by implication my interpretation is film/video)[/COLOR][I] at the circuit is prohibited unless for personal purposes only. You are permitted to sell photographs that you take but only on the strict condition that they are not used for promotional or commercial purposes and must have the consent of the circuit operator beforehand [/I][COLOR=black](for promotional/commercial purposes)[/COLOR][I].[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]So you are fine with video of your time track, there are hundreds of Combe track day videos on youtube. As far as I'm aware nobody has ever been pursued over them as they are upload to a personal file on there.[/COLOR] However a suction mount is not acceptable, it must be a fixed camera mount, these widely available, the most common type I've seen are the sort that clamp to the headrest bars. The reason suction mounts are not allowed, is that in the event of an accident the impact will more than likely cause the mount to come unstuck. The pit lane marshalls inspect all camera mounts to check security before the car is allowed out on circuit.