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23/04/2010 18:34:44
I have wondered why we have 4 sessions per hour and 3 at most other tracks. I have read some-where that Combe are very efficient at getting one session off and the next on. How dose this work? [I]I have provisionaly booked and will confirm as soon as work commitments firm-up.[/I] [I]Hope to see you there, Dave[/I]
23/04/2010 19:19:27
Martin C
Hi Dave, It is down to car numbers, Combe only allow 12 out on track at a time, Goodwood only 10, so at these two circuits we run 4 15 minute sessions per hour. You are right Combe are very efficient and friendly, it is one of the reasons it is a firm favourite with us At the other circuits we can get more cars out per session, hence 3 20 minute sessions. Obviously we have to have enough cars to break even, hence the reason we run the sessions like that.
23/04/2010 19:33:17
Thanks for that reply. I look forwad to the day if I can make it and spaces available when I can finaly book. Cheers, Dave