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28/10/2004 20:29:43
I want to take the opportunity to thank Dave and Rob for all the hard work they put into organising the events. I've had personal experience (although short lived) of organising events for the FWD register, and know how hard it is. Well done guys - this is the first event that I have been to, and it couldn't have been better organised. I had a fantastic day at Pembrey, it certainly won't be my last track day!:D The track was wet and wild for the first few sessions, but grip was much better than I had expected. Even with the notorious understeer that the FWD Maestro Turbo is prone to - i felt quietly confident. As the day went on my confidence grew, and I was pushing that bit harder each lap. Until the last session where it all went pair-shaped! Mike Sparks left me through on the back straight, he had taken some catching too! I came right back around the circuit with both him and Dave in my mirror, and was pushing hard to keep them at bay. Too hard it seemed, as I came into the bottom hairpin, I left my braking too late and around she came!:o They sailed past me whilst I was on the inside curb, I was keen to check for damage and came back into the paddock early. Thankfully no damage done. Winter projects will be to sort out the lack of engine cooling, and to eliminate an annoying oil leak which has developed. Well done guys - can't wait to see you in 2005.