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27/10/2004 11:10:09
Rob Bell
What a cracking day - the showers certainly didn't dampen the enthusiasm did it? :D I haven't seen such impressive rainbows in absolutely ages! LOL Absolutely superb little track - it is remarkably tricky to truely master, well, I know that I certainly hadn't by the day came to an end... Bit of a shame I had to come in half way through the last session: lack of petrol stopped play. The good news is that I made it to the BP filling station without hiccup. Put in over 47 litres of petrol - which was a little surprising, since I thought that the tank only took 45... :eek: Managed to drive all the way home, roof down in the moon light: if only the rest of the day had proven to be as dry. Big irony amusing moment of the day was the discovery that the poor race driver who managed to crease a couple of front panels of his racing TF was none other than the guy who designed the TF's crash structure... Usually testing like this gets left to orange dummys with target marks on their heads, so it was unusual dedication to his science that he felt he should try things out at Pembry! :cool: Nothing else damaged other than a little bit of pride... Would be definitely be up to making Pembry again next year - but as a testing session or a track day, I am not sure?
27/10/2004 13:25:50
That was an interesting circuit! Overcooked it a bit on the Honda Curve and dumped some mud on track - sorry guys :o I guess this was the appropriate place to go off, since the ZS is based on the Honda Civic. On the way back home I was getting an intermittant vibration though the steering wheel between 65 and 75 mph. Any Ideas? Might just be the mud and gravel stuck inside the front wheels. I spent this morning washing the mud off (it was amazing how much of Pembrey I brought back home!), so I'll see later whether this has cured it. Just uploading some photos at the moment. Before and after photos of the TF are included. Ralph
27/10/2004 13:47:59
Rob Bell
I've had vibrations thanks to 'flat spotting' of tyres before (you know, when you lock up the wheel, and the tyre ends up looking like a 50 pence piece rather than a perfect circle). But it was so wet that this seems a little unlikely? Maybe mud/stones as you say Ralph, or even a lost wheel balance weight. If you're at a tyre specialist, might be an idea just getting the tracking reset (although this usually causes a vibration that can't be driven through).
27/10/2004 13:48:26
Rob Bell
PS Forgot to say - looking forward to seeing the photos! :D
27/10/2004 15:20:53
[QUOTE=Rob Bell]PS Forgot to say - looking forward to seeing the photos! :D[/QUOTE] Just got home, as I was lazy and stayed in Swansea another night :) , so only just approved the photos - well done as usual Ralph - some great shots :D
28/10/2004 09:09:35
Rob Bell
Nice one guys - some brilliant photos there :D No shots of the rainbow then?
28/10/2004 09:24:25
[QUOTE=Rob Bell]Nice one guys - some brilliant photos there :D No shots of the rainbow then?[/QUOTE] Anna did take one :rolleyes: - it's a bit fuzzy, but if you really want to see it .... ...... uploaded now. :)
28/10/2004 10:11:12
Rob Bell
Perfect! But where's Jeffrey, Bungle and Zippy? LOL
28/10/2004 11:13:55
Sorry Rob, I didn't take any photos of the rainbow. The vibration seems to have gone now - so it looks like it was just the mud and stone inside the wheels. Ralph
28/10/2004 17:50:11
Quality day to end the year for me. Had a blast being back in a RWD car again and I actually forgot how fun the MGB was. Bring on next year now, I fancy Brands Hatch in February like last year:D Joe
28/10/2004 21:45:22
don k
[b]Fab Day[/b] [color=black]A fantastic day :) this was my second track day so far and feel my confidence is growing :D definitely addictive. Well done and thank you to all that organised this great day. Excellent photo’s Ralph.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]See you all at the next day[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Don[/color] [size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]