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07/10/2004 22:54:46
Just a quick note to say I've put some photos from the day up at: [u][url=""][/url][/u][url=""][/url] Anyone who took away order forms please can you specify which photo you would like by name, thanks. There is also a downloadable form on the page I linked to. In general I would like to say what a great day both photo-wise (I got some great shots despite arm-ache from carrying that enormous lens about, it was worth it in the end, trust me!) and driving wise as (many thanks to Norman and his TF 160!) I got my first ever chance to drive round Donington :-) What a great circuit, I will definitely have to come back (without the camera!) sometime to drive round again :-) Hope to see you all again at another MGoT track day soon! :D Best regards, Caroline Covalart Photographic
08/10/2004 09:49:30
Caroline, The photos of everybody look great, i'll certainly be putting an order in! Thanks for taking the time to do it, great quality. Regards, Nick Parrans-Smith
08/10/2004 11:21:23
Rob Bell
Caroline, you're a miracle worker - your pictures even make my car look clean!!! :D
08/10/2004 12:21:45
From Zero to track day hero. In the way you managed to make Rob's car look clean you've made me look competent.... :)
26/11/2004 18:55:17
Just a quick update for anyone who has read the latest MGoT newsletter, and is interested in track day photos, I am still selling prints from the MGoT events at Donington, Castle Combe and Bedford this year. So if you're looking for something a bit different as a Christmas present how about a print of yourself or a friend on track as an unusual gift? :D Also as I don't have a direct link to my motorsports photos from the top level of my stock photography site here again are some direct links to the shots from each day: [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] (Bedford) As I've said before if you don't see your car let me know as I probably do have a shot of it somewhere - I've only put a selection from each day online. Hope to see you all again on track in 2005! Best regards, Caroline