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27/10/2009 09:31:30
Many thanks to PeterB and others who helped me tie down the bonnet on my Costello. I was gutted to not manage any afternoon sessions due to a rusted spring which, with impeccable timing, decided to fail on me after lunch. I was therefore unable to take any further part in proceedings - a flapping bonnet is not good track etiquette! In all the muddle and thinking I did not catch the names of those who helped me, so sorry for that, but a thousand thanks. However, the three morning sessions were fabulous and I think I even managed one four-wheel drift through No Name corner....but I STILL cannot get the entry to Lavant 1 right! Cheers Lawrence.
27/10/2009 13:01:02
Barry McCann
[b]Bonnet fixing[/b] Hi Lawrence, Good to hear you made it home OK - your experience has inspired me to fit those bonnet straps that are lurking somewhere in my garage. Hope to see you out with us again soon. Cheers Barry