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01/09/2009 19:18:42
Mike Hall
Attached is the event guide for our Track Day at Castle Combe next Monday, 7th September. It contains all you need to know about the organisation of the day before you arrive. Please read it carefully. [B]PLEASE ARRIVE IN GOOD TIME[/B] Sign-on will be open from 07:30 and the driver briefing begins at 08:20. Please arrive in good time, as we have 48 drivers to sign on. You will also need to have a static noise test. [B]PRINT OUT THE INDEMNITY AND BRING IT FULLY COMPLETED[/B] You can help speed up sign-on considerably and reduce queuing time if you print out the MGoT indemnity form, Appendix A, and bring it with you fully completed. Please ask your 2nd drivers and passengers to do the same. [B]DON'T FORGET YOUR ROAD LICENCE[/B] Please don't forget your full licence - both the plastic and paper parts if you have the newer type for all drivers. All cars must be road legal and conform to current MOT standards unless you have agreed otherwise with the MGoT committee in advance. [B]SESSIONS[/B] The session list is attached as Appendix B. We are running four sessions; three for MG and the other for Lotus on Track. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SESSION ALLOCATION. The Blue group is predominantly the less experienced drivers and/or slower cars. The Green group is the more experienced drivers and/or faster cars, with the Yellow group the experienced group. More weighting is given to experience than the car's power! It is possible that we have the wrong driver experience level for you if you haven't updated your user profile recently. At this stage it is difficult to swap groups around if there are errors, but if you have a real problem in your session allocation, then please let me know and I'll see what we can do. The session running order on the day will be Green, Red (LoT), Blue, Yellow. [B]PLEASE CHECK YOUR PRE-BOOKED INSTRUCTION OR HELMET HIRE[/B] The Event Guide also shows the pre-bookings for instruction and helmet hire. Please check that these are correct. [B]ANY QUESTIONS?[/B] Please feel free to email me or call me with any questions before the day. I hope you all have a great day. Best regards Mike Hall MGoT Committee