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23/07/2009 16:13:21
Can I make a bid for a specific instructor and session? If he is to be one of our instructors, can I book Darren for the second session, please? He offered very constructive advice to me in the TF earlier this month and I would appreciate his help in the ZR in September.:eek:
23/07/2009 21:44:14
And could you book me for the 3rd session with Darren ??? Nice to be popular aint it ..:) :) :) See you soon G & Dee ...:D
23/07/2009 22:19:07
Sorry guys, we've not booked Darren for this event. It will be our usual dynamic duo, Malcolm and Jamie :) Just for the record, our policy is to give priority to beginners for early sessions and then to fit others around this. I'm sure that you'll appreciate the logic of this and also that it would just be impractical to satisfy requests for specific sessions.