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20/06/2009 12:32:00
Hello everyone, Attached is the event guide for our Track Evening at Brands Hatch this coming Thursday, 25th June. It contains all you need to know about the organisation of the day before you arrive. Please read it carefully and take note of the new terms and conditions being imposed by the circuit. We have amended the sign-on indemnity form to include these. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you comply. [B]PLEASE ARRIVE IN GOOD TIME[/B] Sign-on will be open from 15:30 and the driver briefing begins at 17:00. Please arrive in good time, as we have 40 drivers to sign on. [B] PRINT OUT THE INDEMNITY AND BRING IT FULLY COMPLETED[/B] You can help speed up sign-on considerably and reduce queuing time if you print out the attached MGoT indemnity form (Appendix B & C) and bring it with you fully completed, Please ask your 2nd drivers and passengers to do the same. [B] DON'T FORGET YOUR ROAD LICENCE[/B] Please don't forget your full licence - both the plastic and paper parts if you have the newer type. All cars must be road legal and conform to current MOT standards unless you have agreed otherwise with the MGoT committee in advance. [B]SESSIONS[/B] The session list is attached (Appendix A) - We are running only two session; one for MG and the other for Club Triumph. With only a single session for each club please exercise good track etiquette and be observant of participants with different levels of performance and experience. [B]PLEASE CHECK YOUR PRE-BOOKED INSTRUCTION OR HELMET HIRE[/B] Appendix A also shows the pre-bookings for instruction and helmet hire. Please check that these are correct. [B]ANY QUESTIONS?[/B] Please feel free to email me or call me with any questions before the day. . I hope you all have a great day. Kind regards, Tim Woolcott 07970 718278 Event guide Rev A up-dated to remove reference non-existent Third Session