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15/02/2009 20:13:43
[IMG][/IMG] A big thank you to everyone who made today such a great success - My partner & I had an awesome time! I already feel like a much more safe and confident driver so thank you so much! Can't wait for our first track day now! Oh & if you fancy a laugh: [URL=""][COLOR=#ffcc00][/COLOR][/URL] [URL=""][COLOR=#ffcc00][/COLOR][/URL] [URL=""][COLOR=#ffcc00][/COLOR][/URL]
16/02/2009 20:18:30
[b]Great Day[/b] Hi to all that attended and supported this event. Just to say, had a great day too!!! No looking very forward to my first track day.
20/02/2009 16:39:36
Hi, I also enjoyed it very much .... I apologize if my big V8 made too much noise, thats the first time I've really opened the throttle on the Beast. Although she had to retire early ... I drove her home OK, all 160 miles. Does anybody have any photos of her? Will also take her out at Castle Combe this year ... I have a few ideas on developing some more bhp and to take her to about 300 bhp! See you there maybe?
20/02/2009 16:46:09
Tim Guy
No probs. The noise was good for me :) You'll get more fun from reliability than out & out powah imo ;)
20/02/2009 21:39:13
Martin C
Glad you enjoyed it, can't beat the sound of a V8 :D I agree with Tim, you will get far more out of developing suspension and brakes, than more power. Straights are relatively short on most circuits, it is how quickly you get through the twiddley bits that makes the biggest difference IMO. As to pictures, see my post and get in touch. Martin.
22/02/2009 08:27:45
Excellent pics Forest Boy! ;)