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15/02/2009 19:42:57
Just got back from todays event at North Weald. Had a great time. Just wanted to say a big thanks to all those who organised and run the event and despite the cold and the wet managed to keep smiling throughout. Thanks guys it was greatly appreciated. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to my first track day now. See you track side. ;)
15/02/2009 20:37:55
Agreed, a fantastic day, and very well organised. Well done.
15/02/2009 21:52:42
i agree the organisers were absolutetly amazing i thank you very much i had a great time cheers Dan
16/02/2009 15:03:07
Gareth Evans
I agree with that, a great day and thank you to the organisors who must have been freezing by the end of the day.
16/02/2009 17:45:44
Delighted you all enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you all again out on track. North Weald is great fun, but you'll love driving a real circuit. :D Don't forget the Snetterton offer - £20 discount for anyone attending North Weald. Just email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL].
16/02/2009 20:20:24
Has any one got some photo's to upload? Took a camera but has so much fun forgot to take any as did my passenger!!
17/02/2009 13:20:49
Emma -
Glad you all had an enjoyable day. Was great to see the improvements made by so many of you, and the confidence gained, especially by the women. See you all in July at the next CarLimits / MGoT Activity Day Cheers, Emma
18/02/2009 11:16:48
[b]Thanks from Chris and Jo too[/b] Thanks to you all from us both as well, I'm getting used to how well organised these things are but Jo was impressed and enjoying her car more. I've tried uploading some photos but keep getting an error message, anyone else having problems?
18/02/2009 12:08:39
Mike Hall
Any issues regarding the upload of pics is apparently related to a change of server and should be being sorted at the mo.....
19/02/2009 21:09:48
Martin C
Hi Mike, Still unable to upload either single images or zip files to photo gallery, just get error messages coming up. Martin.
19/02/2009 21:11:42
Unfortunately, we can't seem to get our webmaster's attention - I'm still trying. UPDATE: Now fixed - post away! :)
20/02/2009 16:48:50
A big Thank You too ... how did you manage to plan for a dry challenge in the morning and a wet session in the afternoon! excellent planning. The big V8 made it home safe and all OK .. looks as if she was running a bit lean, so she has been sorted and ready for the next adventure ... although I still need a lot of work on stopping. Thanks again ...